Pi2 Project


By admin, April 27, 2015

Assisting with evolution of electronic product concept in Oklahoma…

I’m currently contracting with an individual in Oklahoma, helping him evolve direction for his proprietary product concept. I developed a product specification for him, describing several phases of prototyping and development work to reach his eventual goals.

I just delivered a first prototype “proof of concept” piece for him to experiment with. It’s electrically simple, but interfaces a Raspberry Pi2 (used primarily for its ethernet interface) with lighting products. He seems quite happy with results to date and I anticipate further work on this evolving project.

This is my first work with the Raspberry Pi line, interesting products developed to boost electronics and programming experimentation and learning in UK schools. The board has been quite the hit; they have sold over 5 million worldwide. For $35 you get an ARM based computer that interfaces to a USB keyboard and mouse, HDMI monitor, and runs Linux with an XWindows GUI off SD Cards. Amazing! In this day of cheap technology, it’s refreshing to see some people still interested in “digging beneath the hood”.