Rider at Maryland Five Star cross country

October Perfection!

By admin, October 16, 2022

I’m not a huge fan of fall due to its proximity to winter, but if you have perfect weather and combine it with beautiful countryside, good seafood, a nice locally brewed Stout, great friends, and lots of leaping horses, what do you have? Maryland 5 Star Cross Country day!

Last year I missed the inaugural of the event but that gave them a year to fine tune a few things! While there are still improvements to be made, the leap from the previous 3* events is pretty astonishing. If nothing else, it’s really gratifying to see a very significant number of people turning out to spectate at a horse event in the area.

I’ve kind of given up on trying to get good action shots. I’m busy drinking in the event (and the beer!). So I’ll leave that to the pros, but I’m including a few snaps to give you a feel for things…

I have a feeling that Fair’s Hill proximity to the majority of the US population combined with the challenging terrain will quickly turn the Maryland 5 Star into a very big deal in the horse world.

Because it’s so hard to get a representative sampling of the wide-ranging course, I will even condescend to link a highlights video from the event’s spewtube channel…

Highlights from Maryland 5* cross country

It was very pleasant to spend a day back on Fair Hill’s rolling terrain, even if my legs are protesting today! The hills and the wide open spaces just make you want to go rip roaring around on horses… 🙂

A long trek back to the arena!