Four Foot Videos

By admin, December 18, 2022

This is a collection of my favorite music videos that feature equids… I’ve tried to avoid the mainstream crap that people try to pass off as music anymore; these are perhaps a bit offbeat! Sorry about using spewtube links (it’s a monopoly, you know).

Lyle Lovett

Lyle Lovett is one of the coolest dudes ever. He almost makes me think some Texans are ok. This video solves the mystery of how he begins his days. Lucky Lyle!

And of course there is Lyle’s best-ever song…

Kiss my ass, I bought a boat; I’m going out to sea!

Jane Wiedlin

Jane Wiedlin had to be the most adorable of the Go-Gos. And–who knew?–she was an avid equestrian at one time. Unfortunately, like most of us, she got older.

What’s the point of making music videos if you can’t show off your horse?

Cowboy Junkies

I’ve loved CJs for what seems like eternity, and of course I knew their song Horse in the Country. Somehow I did not know the original video includes a special guest member of the band…

Donkey Mode??

The Mode is of course one of the ultimate 80s bands. And now maybe we know what I’ve always suspected was behind the album “Music for The Masses” and indeed what might live in My Secret Garden!

They deserve a Halo for several amusing cameos in this video…

What brought this to my attention is a 5-hour-old video from Chicago last night of the song “It’s No Good”–which is actually quite a good short movie! Now I’m pretty bummed we couldn’t get tickets for this tour…

I think videographer/photographer Anton Corbijn must be supplying the guest stars, because he seems to have several cameos where they can be “spotted”…

Ric Ocasek

Ric was better known for Cars than horses, right? But somehow he seems to have ended up on what looks like a Shire in the video Emotion in Motion. The Cars were the first major concert I ever attended.

Real horses have feather!

Alison Moyet

One of my favorite female voices from the early 80s was Alison, once part of Yazoo. This interesting video must have been a challenge to film! While I can do without lippy camelids, I like the Honker family in the background. It’s rather discouraging that they are kept are tied up, however.

You’ll notice in the video how the women are busy at work… while the men bullshit and drink coffee 😉

Thomas Dolby

Mr Dolby is a masterful musician who has rather bizarrely taken up residence in my old home town. This is one of my favorite songs by him, and a great video with all kinds of fun content and some ‘hot’ piano licks.

The Hu

Horsemanship began in Mongolia, and every horse owner knows the story behind morin khuur, right? If not you better catch up on your Paul Theroux reading.

I would not like to be invaded by these passionate folks on the backs of galloping beasts… just saying.

Echo and the Bunnymen

They may have been bunnymen, but their classic song has horses… sort of. Maybe their bunny brains explain why they are a little confused about livestock.

Bring on the Dancing Horses

Thievery Corporation

Can’t believe I forgot to include this in the first edition of the page. TC creates music combining crazy-diverse influences. While browsing their discography I discovered they have this interesting video! Nice job by both Copper and Iron…


Jeez, it’s crazy how I keep finding videos I forgot! I never paid much attention to Alanis Morissette back when she was huge. I always loved the song ‘Everything’ when Dante gives Becky the ring in the Moobie’s drive-through (what a moment!). But I honestly never paid much attention to who sang it. And then slowly I came to realize just how talented a performer Alanis is, and at times how freaking sexy she can be! I should have known; she is Canadian. So, anyway, here’s her horsey contribution… Thanks for joining the stable, Alanis.

I love to watch the ears puzzling out a basketball court full of film crew…


Certainly one of the most over-the-top videos… but then if I had her money I might do crazy things too! Supposedly the horse belongs to a friend of hers who is a trainer. Any horse that can go on stage and deal with all this nonsense is a wonderful animal in my mind.

And we might as well throw in “Any Man of Mine”. My horse is eagerly awaiting the day he gets to steal Shania’s towel after she gives him a bath…

I have to admit, I have seen Shania in concerts… in Washington DC of all places. It was quite a spectacle. A friend paid for the ticket!

Toby Keith

One of my favorite fun dance songs from going out clubbing at the pinnacle of 90s country was “Should’ve Been a Cowboy”. The video even has some draft horse driving, which is sort of rare in music videos. I’m probably never going to learn to rope, but at least I can ride and drive!

Stacy Westfall

It’s not technically a music video, and I’m not a huge reining fan, but we will give it to Stacy for being an amazing rider and a pretty nice person 🙂 I met Stacy and she met my horse’s sire and dam at Devon Horse Show. Actually I think my horse was there too… but very very small at that point.

Stuttgart German Masters

And another that’s not exactly a music video, but pretty ridiculously entertaining anyway! Driving can’t be very exciting, right?

And don’t forget, if you get tired you can just trade off with somebody…

Breda 2016

And now that you are awake, let’s show you the magnificence that can be achieved in partnership with 3 tons of your animal friends.

Lottie and Glamourdale

If you don’t have 3 tons of buddies handy, maybe scrape up one good 3/4 ton example instead. This also isn’t technically a music video, but it’s a masterful performance with two magnificent athletes…

I must admit I do miss the days of showing a stallion.