Skills & Interests

I like to do things

In addition to obvious abilities in electrical and mechanical systems and project management…

I am good at fundamentals of:

  • Technical writing and editing, particularly explaining technical topics to non-technical people
  • Creating web pages using CMS (primarily concrete5 and WordPress), focusing on clarity and simplicity
  • Page layout and production for advertising and communications

I have varying amounts of experience programming:

  • C (primarily embedded applications)
  • microprocessor assembly languages (ARM, PIC, 68000, 80×86, 6800, 6502)
  • PHP, MySQL, Perl
  • Fortran, Pascal, Modula2, various Basic implementations

Although I am no expert, I can:

  • cut, weld, and fabricate
  • operate basic machine tools (lathes, milling machines, presses, sheet metal equipment)
  • run industrial machinery like cranes, scissor and boom lifts, materials handling gear
  • operate railway locomotives (diesel, gas, electric—no steam!)
  • re-upholster seats!