Ford Engine Rebuilt

By admin, May 19, 2005

Rebuilt Ford Industrial engine gives new life to museum skidloader.

Ford Engine

Freshly rebuilt Ford 1.3L gas engine

I removed and stripped the Ford 1.3L gasoline engine from a Bobcat skid steer and located a machine shop familiar with this oddball engine. Working together we managed to obtain all needed parts, including the hard to find oil pump, and they rebuilt the block while I overhauled auxiliary components.

I ran into a problem after they installed a Redi-sleeve to repair the rear crankshaft sealing surface. The flywheel would not fit over the crankshaft! How could I cut it back? Scratching my head and wandering around the shop, I came up with the idea of temporarily mounting a lathe toolholder and using the crankshaft as its own lathe to cut the thin sleeve. Tap the cutter in a bit, rotate a turn, tap it in again, rotate. Before long it is cut off neatly. Worked beautifully! A clever solution to a challenging problem.

Cutting off seal sleeve

Creative way to cut off Redi-sleeve

I completed installation of the rebuilt engine and adjusted all the controls to keep the valuable skidsteer alive.

Replacing the engine

Sitting the engine back into place with a hydraulic hoist