Standard Analog Module

High Reliability Control System IO

By admin, December 15, 1993

I/O modules add to high-reliability distributed control system.

Standard Analog Module

Moore Products APACS Standard Analog Module

In the early 1990s I was employed by Moore Products Co., a manufacturer of industrial control systems that was a bit legendary for their attention to quality products.

At Moore, I was involved with several significant products for the systems group, which was creating the APACS high-reliability Distributed Control System (DCS) for major industrial installations like Corning Glass and Mobil Oil:

  • Standard Analog Module – 4 to 20mA current loop I/O module
  • Thermocouple Input Module – software-configurable input module
  • Valve Positioner Module – Servo-valve outputs with LVDT position feedback
  • High speed analog module – Multiprocessor analog input module

On all projects, I was responsible for all aspects of hardware design, testing, and documentation. On some projects I was also involved with software design, and often implemented my own automated testing.

On the TIM, my team was challenged to set a new record for company time-to-market on a Systems Division product by using new streamlining procedures and quality tools, which we did!

APACS SAM module

Moore Products APACS module

My department head at the time is a recognized authority in the field of high-reliability “mission critical” control systems for He taught all of us in Systems Division a great deal about the importance of attention to detail.

Moore was subsequently purchased by Siemens IA and has largely been demolished, though you may still find “Moore Products” pneumatic and electronic products hard at work in the field, or for sale on ebay!

SAM remote termination

SAM remote termination

It was a pleasure to work with the many very competent people of Moore. They taught me many useful lessons about quality and robust design which live on with me every day!

APACS SAM module back

APACS SAM module back