Winona 10 New Wheels

Historic Parts Supplied

By admin, December 30, 2010

Reproduction parts keep historic trolley cars (street cars) rolling

Winona 10 New Wheels

New Custom Forged Wheels for Winona car 10

Over the past decade, I’ve researched, re-designed, and sourced replacement parts for historic trolley cars to assist a variety of satisfied customers, including:

Repaired armature

Repaired traction motor armature

Parts supplied across my desk include:

  • motor support bearings
  • wheels, axles, pinion gears, bull gears, complete wheelsets
  • journal brasses (babbitted and plain) and journal thrust bearings
  • suspension springs, motor nose support springs, specialty springs (e.g. brake linkages), coil springs
  • Brill “half-ball” wear bushings for brake linkages and suspension
  • cast journal boxes (repaired)
  • cast iron suspension spring seats
  • wear liners (journal box and other)
  • side bearings and adjustment packs
  • specialty bolts, pins, bushings, spacers
  • motor field coils, brushes, brush holders, insulating bushings
  • rewound armatures and armature shafts

I’ve also determined mechanical design details to convert:

  • broad gauge railroad equipment to standard gauge
  • standard gauge equipment to broad gauge

I retain design info on past projects and have good relationships with various sources offering competitive pricing. I know who will do odd-ball projects without breaking the bank!

A few examples of parts reproduced through my effort…

Ft Collins car 21 wheelsets

Complete new wheelsets for Fort Collins car 21

Dupont Truck journal box lids

Dupont Truck journal box lids re-cast at reasonable price

Custom brake springs

Custom brake springs for Winona 10

And more!

New pinion gears and bull gears

New pinion gears and bull gears for Winona 10

Cast iron spring seats

Cast iron spring seats made with minimal pattern cost

If you need parts like these, Contact Me to discuss them.