Clear Track Ahead?

By admin, July 24, 2022

It has taken nearly a year to get there, but I’m finally back doing some of my favorite things.

On July 15, a friend and I covered some of the Lower Trail again.

Waiting for the block to clear at Blair Four

On a beautiful day like this I can hardly stand to be inside. I realize there are not an infinite number of days to spend doing these things; maybe I’ll work when I’m dead!

As my friend observed…

Hope to be doing much more of this in the coming months!

On August 14th it was a bit muggy, but we were out at Canoe Creek…

Playing around on mowed lanes in the overgrown pastures

The red mare gets her feet wet for a closer look at a kayaker. The horses always seem pretty intrigued by boaters; I guess Lyle Lovett knows what he’s talking about (“If I Had a Boat”).