GE 25 ton Locomotive

25 ton Locomotive Restored

By admin, June 8, 2001

50 year old General Electric 25 ton locomotive rehabbed for volunteer group.

GE 25 ton Locomotive

GE 25 ton Locomotive after restoration

In 2001, a friend and I worked many volunteer hours to restore a 1952 General Electric locomotive for a museum.

When we got the locomotive, we managed to start its Cummins engine, but could not keep it running. Its obsolete “single-disk” fuel system could not be saved. I undertook to find parts to modernize to a Cummins PT pump, a much simpler and more robust injection system. Unfortunately, most Cummins H engines were modernized 30+ years ago, died 20 years ago, and were scrapped 10 years ago, so finding parts was quite challenging!

After a lengthy search in many directions and numerous false starts and set-backs, I accumulated suitable base parts and built a PT fuel pump adapter that works!

(more details to follow)