Grieve Oven Panel

Renovated Bake Oven

By admin, June 22, 2007

No cookies, but overhauled oven proves tasty treat at motor shop.

Grieve Oven Panel

Grieve Oven Panel modernized a bit

I located and purchased a used Grieve electric bake oven at a discount price, overhauled it, and added new computerized controls to benefit an electric motor repair shop.

The original electrical cabinet was a nightmare.

Old Grieve Oven Cabinet

Old Grieve Oven Control Cabinet – spooky!

The old front panel had all the latest controls and programmable features…

Grieve Front Panel

Old Grieve Front Panel – pretty high tech!

The restored oven added some nice programmable control features and provided a second, smaller bake oven that saved electricity when baking smaller motors. I added phase control of the heating elements, reducing thermal stress to help them last.

New Grieve Cabinet

New Grieve Cabinet, crowded but clean

The budget for the project was minimal, so electrical components were what I could get cheaply, and were crammed into a cabinet that could have been 20% bigger. But it has worked for over 7 years!

I installed new heating elements and upgraded the exhaust blower and door latches as well.

Restored Grieve Oven

Restored Grieve Oven after some use

The oven continues to service the customer without alterations. Total expenditure was well under $4000.