Satoh Loader Bucket

By admin, December 6, 2014

Ruggedized front-loader bucket enhances compact tractor performance.

Bucket for Satoh with National loader

Finished custom Satoh 650G bucket

A friend saw my Yanmar tractor’s new front-loader bucket and insisted I upgrade the bucket on his Satoh 650G tractor with a National model 16 front-end loader. Because he has a small (band) sawmill and moves logs, he wanted the bucket sturdier with more lifting points. He wanted more bucket depth and less height, as the old design was poor at bulk material handling. Finally he wished to have a straight bucket edge for clearing snow!

I created a new design in 3D CAD, using a bent-steel bucket shell and laser-cut steel brackets. Substantial rear gusseting and cross tubes stiffen the design, as does an interior brace. Extra hooks simplify lifting.

To assemble the bucket rapidly I added a fairly hefty MIG welder to my arsenal. After correcting some problems with it, I rapidly finished his bucket.

bucket2 bucket1
Once overhauled, the “new” MIG welder permitted nice and fast welding, as evidenced below…

New MIG weld

My ‘new’ MIG welder gets a check mark!

Compare the original bucket below and you’ll see why my friend was very satisfied! He’s loaded many logs with the new bucket and is very content with my design.

Original bucket

Original bucket

I’ve since seen these National loaders on a number of old compact tractors.