Twice the Fun at Morven Park

By admin, July 25, 2022

In 2016 I had the amazing experience of showing both father and son at Morven Park in Leesburg VA.

Friends Caroline and Bill were invaluable in making it possible to show both a stallion and a green youngster at a two-day show! The show even helped us out by rearranging the schedule so we could manage all the necessary turnout changes.

Big Butts Invade!

Dad always puts on a good show in Turnout and Working classes. With polished brass and a fancy painted cart, he looks very handsome.

Dad cleans up pretty well and loves to strut his stuff
The competition in Virginia is typically very classy
Kim thinks she’ll beat us by showing off her lovely pair. Rats… she has a groom.
We’re just here for the experience!

Novice classes with the youngster were a bit more challenging. With only one previous show under his belt and his adolescent build, he didn’t look too refined, but he tried his best to puzzle it all out. Our casual turnout looked respectable, but nothing like the Old Man’s fancy kit.

Where do I put my big ol’ feet?
A spindle seat cart is pretty serious competition in a Novice class!

Obstacles and timed cones were incredibly fun as always. Dad simply rocks the stuff where he gets to go rip snorting around.

Hey! They are going fast. Are we going to go fast??? I love to go fast!!
He makes it so easy!
Maybe someday I can show off a pair too!

Gentlemen to Drive is always a fun class, as guys are usually in the minority at any horse show. Dad gave it his flashiest effort, but with more than 60 total show entries, there was serious competition even in the minority.

Mister Mustache looks seriously handsome today
Damn Friesian pairs! 🙂
Argh!! Friesian tandem pairs!!

I am forever indebted to Caroline for helping me in this and our other adventures! You are a true friend.

It ain’t eventing, but it still can be fun!

It’s really sad the Morven Park Pleasure Driving show is no longer being held. It was a fantastic experience at what is once again a first-class venue. I hope someday it is resurrected.

And a ton of thanks to Caroline for taking super pictures when not wrangling horses….