Custom wheel gauge

Custom Railroad Wheel Gauges

By admin, June 5, 2012

Affordable custom wheel gauges created for railroad use.

For users of non-standard railroad wheels, such as trolley (street car) museums and industrial customers, I can provide custom wheel gauges (aka wheel gages), inexpensively and quickly. I can make them to your custom profile or one from my library, which includes historic industry standard profiles as well as modifications proven successful in frequent modern operation.

Custom wheel gauge

Custom wheel gauge checking quality of new profile

You’ll find these gauges useful in quality control of wheelsets delivered from vendors, as well as keeping a regular eye on how your wheels are wearing. Regular inspection of wear can help catch any irregularities early, while corrective action to equipment or trackage may be made to equalize wear.

I can deliver gauges quickly for “tens of dollars” each, depending on quantity required.

Small run of trolley wheel gauges

Small run of trolley wheel gauges

You may find my gauges in use already at your facility, marked with my part numbers such as:

  • HTP 3001
  • HTP 3002 (compromise profile, very successful)
  • HTP 3003 (customer profile for open track)
  • HTP 3004 (AEREA ‘A’ profile)

Get in touch if you need these gauges or new profiles made.