Novel Pump Adapter

By admin, May 1, 2013

Novel part adapts standard hydraulic pumps to proprietary Yanmar tractor application.

Pump adapter

IMG_0049 My Yanmar pump adapters

Irritated by the high cost of a replacement KYB/Kanzaki hydraulic pumps for my Yanmar compact diesel tractor, I designed an adapter that allows standard flange-mount gear pumps to fit the model 2T90 and other Yanmar diesel engines.

Original pump

Original KYB/Kanzaki pump

Replacement pump

Generic replacement gear pump with new coupling

New pump

New pump installed on engine

Because the new pump has a different shaft, I had to make a new coupling.I also chose to retrofit the old coupling in case someone needs my adapter in the future.

New shaft coupling

New coupling I made for new shaft diameter

Recycled coupling

Recycled old coupling will now fit new shaft

I do have a few more of the adapters, so Contact me if you are interested in buying one and modifying your coupling.