Fan Converter

Fan Converters Refined

By admin, August 28, 2009

Surface mount technology and careful engineering dramatically refines fan converter performance.

Fan Converter

Old and new fan converters with “dead bug” prototype

While working for a SatCom company that’s now part of one of the largest US government contractors, I was asked to redesign a DC:DC converter used to power cooling blowers.

The existing 12 to 24 volt converters had poor efficiency and were crudely implemented with dated through-hole components. With eight converters in an amplifier system, high input currents “beat” together and caused major electrical noise problems.

Despite limited experience with DC:DC converter design, I diligently researched problems with the existing converter and worked with Linear Technology and magnetics and passives vendors to create an optimized design. I greatly increased switching frequency to reduce component size and weight and improve efficiency, and switched to surface mount parts to reduce parasitic inductance and capacitance. I carefully guided the drafting department to create an effective printed circuit board.

The result was a tremendously improved converter which served the company successfully for some years.