Stamping Plant Hoist

Stamping Hoist

By admin, June 13, 2009

Hoist for automotive stamping plant designed in 3D CAD.

In 2009 I worked with an automotive stamping plant customer to design a heavy duty hoist driven by a Nord gear motor that would quickly raise and lower stampings.

3D CAD model

3D CAD model of hoist

In order to “get it right the first time” I designed all fit-up details of the gear motor, bearings, shaft, torque arm, and our hoist drum in 3D CAD.

When it came time to build the drum, there were only a few minor tweaks necessary to implement the design, caused by my employer’s impatience to work ahead of prints!

For scale, notice the D-cell Maglite on top of the hoist and the hammer atop the gearbox…

Stamping Plant Hoist

The Real Hoist after construction

The hoist used small wire rope as the load was modest, but it required a 7.5hp gear motor due to the high lifting speed.